Conferences and scientific events

Heritage International Meeting

The programme "Intelligence des Patrimoines", directed at scientific production and exploitation, organises international conferences focused on cultural and natural, material and immaterial heritage. These "Heritage International Meetings", which bring together specialists from various scientific sectors and disciplines (HSS, LS, TIC, SDM), encourage the circulation of expertise and the dissemination of knowledge. Their main objective is to have emerge new avenues which might be explored, the application and development in regards to society challenges which represent the issue of heritage and the process of heritage appropriation.

Workshop Thématique

In the context of the scientific programming of its thematic workshops of research, "Intelligence des Patrimoines" organises seminars which aim to reflect on the implementation of a novel approach to the recovery of heritage, combining leading-edge research and the socio-economic world. These thematic workshops allow us to identify the current issues facing scientific research in an interdisciplinary perspective and to have emerge a new way of grasping and understanding heritage spaces in their entirety, their interactions and their developments. Thus, on the occasion of these scientific events, the round tables, exchanges and debates allow the establishment of an overview, in order to compare the viewpoints of the different international actors and to define projects of innovative recovery promoting the discovery of heritage.

Colloques et journées d'études


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